Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Messages From Heaven

Messages From Heaven

This powerful and enlightening video is considered Foundational.

The Earth is being visited by other beings. Many are stating that they have seen and are receiving messages from aliens, angels and apparitions (apparition - 1. a ghostly figure, specter 2. A sudden or unusual sight 3. An appearance).

These paranormal experiences are drawing our attention. Interest in angels is on the rise and evidence is mounting of UFO sightings. (There are those who say they have been "abducted" by ET's). Those who follow the apparitions of the Virgin Mary number in the tens of millions. According to a 1997, Newsweek article there were over 400 apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the 20th century alone (this is more than appeared in the previous 300 years combined).

Should we welcome these visitors? Are they are here to usher us into a new era of global peace and unity? Some say that they are light beings who will help us evolve spiritually. Watch clips from the film "Marian Apparitions of the 20th Century" (Marian Communications LTD) showing people witnessing these apparitions of Mary--while they are occurring!!! Be amazed as you learn more about the Queen of Heaven, the Mother of the Eucharist and the Lady of All Nations.

Aliens, angels and apparitions...What is going on? What does all this mean? How do we determine the truth? Satan is a master at deception and can appear as an angel of light. Our experiences can be most untrustworthy. The only way to test these experiences that are biblically related is to test them biblically. Not all apparitions are from God. The virgin Mary would NEVER contradict the word of God. Have a truthful look into these 'Messages from Heaven'.

To watch the video "Messages From Heaven" - Click Here - About 1 Hr 30 Min

See also www.EternalProductions.org

For other related videos see A Woman Rides the Beast and New Age Bible Versions both are helpful


Sunday, October 14, 2007

They Sold Their Souls for Rock 'n' Roll

They Sold Their Souls for Rock 'n' Roll
A 4 Hour "Rockumentary" by Joe Shimmel

This is a FOUNDATIONAL video set.

"Hey, Hey, My, My, Rock 'n' Roll will never die.
There's more to the picture than meets the eye!"
-from a Neil Young song on true meaning of Rock 'n' Roll

"Rock has always been the devil's music. You can't convince me that it isn't."
-David Bowie (Rock Star)

Themes in popular music today include: witchcraft, the occult, anti-Christ themes of blasphemy, alcohol and drug use, fornication, hatred, rape, violence. murder, suicide, death etc.

What is going on with "Rock 'n' Roll"? Is there more to the picture than meets the eye? This 4 part documentary shines a bright light on and does not cover up the hard core truth. Take a look into history and see what the music industry may not want you to discover. FROM THEIR OWN WORDS, hear what the stars themselves are saying about whats occurring behind the scenes. Watch actual concert footage that should shock you. Find out what's really happening to our youth (and whats in store for the future).

Did these artist really sell their souls to the Devil? Whose agenda are they really promoting? What are the ramifications of following this agenda? How are their plans being accomplished? Is there actually an agenda to brainwash your children for the New World Order (the coming "One World" government)?

"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" Mark 8:36

Once you see this "Rockumentary" you will NEVER think of Country, Pop, Rap or Rock music in the same way again!!!

Click to watch the video "They Sold Their Souls for Rock 'n' Roll" (4 -1 hour segments)
Part 1 Click Here 1 Hr
Part 2 Click Here 1 Hr
Part 3 Click Here 1 Hr
Part 4 Click Here 1 Hr

See Also www.goodfight.org (There is also a fuller 10 hour version of They Sold Their Souls for Rock 'n' Roll available through them)


Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Constitution

The Constitution of the united States
A 7 Hour class by Michael Badnarik

The video series is absolutely considered FOUNDATIONAL

Michael Badnarik is a former presidential candidate who is 'Lighting the fires of Liberty, one heart at a time!' You will not be disappointed and probably will see The Constitution in a whole new light. This vital history lesson is a must see for ALL Americans, no boredom. Michael takes us through The Constitution section by section. View this today and preserve our freedoms; that so many had fought and died for. Then pass this information on to everyone. I could write quite a bit, but would rather you just see this for yourself.

UPDATE 11/24/2007 A short note about perspective I should add (this will help you as you watch the videos). The government (which includes the employees of the government) has (have) a responsibility to obey the Constitution and the amendments when dealing with us. It is not the government which GAVE US the Constitution and amendments, WE THE PEOPLE GAVE IT TO THEM, to restrict their power. The government CANNOT take our rights away, they were granted to us by God, what they wrongfully do, in some cases, is violate our rights. We are not "fortunate" to have been granted rights by the government, the government is privileged to serve us. Government is not the master and we are not the slaves. It is the other way around, WE are the masters and GOVERNMENT is the slave. We must remember this, and with resolution, hold government to its place (no matter how much the government may resent it's role). Having said this, we have a responsibility to act with the highest moral standards toward our neighbors in this land, given to us from the highest authority of God. The God of all creation, who also granted us the RIGHTS to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, among many other rights we have chosen not to list, which we hold to be SELF EVIDENT, is the only one with the authority to remove them.

(Download this series immediately and spread the word while you still can. Blog, email, talk to friends, family, and strangers. It had over 30,000 downloads before something happened at the internet archive. Fortunately someone reposted the series. Keep reposting this if something else happens.)

UPDATE 10/14/2007 I just found the old original link working again and the "new" link not working (I will leave it though in case something happens again).
To watch this eye opening and thought provoking look on The Constitution (Original link try first) CLICK HERE (link that worked temporarily but not currently Click Here ) Seven - one hour segments (Suggestion: Download all 7 segments immediately and view one segment a day for a week)

See Also ConstitutionPreservation.org Click Here to visit. Michael now has a 12 hour version of his class available here.

We have a candidate for the Presidency who is speaking these views. His name is Ron Paul and I encourage you to visit him at www.RonPaul2008.com If you have seen any of the presidential debates you know that he is speaking truth to power. You can visit to his YouTube channel by clicking here. Look at his videos. Ron Paul makes sense and will go after the problems facing our survival as a nation. Let's get behind him. Support is growing rapidly. This may be our LAST CHANCE!!! (P.S. Michael Badnarik is backing Ron Paul for President)