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Vote Fraud with Voting Machines - Hacking Democracy

Hacking Democracy
A Look into Voting Machine Vote Fraud of Elections

Those who cast the votes decide nothing
Those who count the votes decide everything
-Joseph Stalin

How does America count its vote? Shhh! It's a SECRET you're not supposed to know! This Video is considered ABSOLUTELY FOUNDATIONAL

"...I'd say the thing that shocks me, is how easy vote totals could be changed. So imagine, you can go into a box, and essentially rewrite history. And there's no record of you rewriting history. And the only record of history itself, is the thing that you changed. And thats pretty scary to me." -Hugh Thompson PhD Director , Security Innovations, Inc.

Most remember the 911 of voting; The Bush vs. Gore Florida mess in 2000 (and a similar repeat of Bush vs. Kerry in Ohio in 2004).

Did you know that in the 2000 election, Al Gore received a NEGATIVE 16 thousand votes in Volusia County, Florida? How do you get a NEGATIVE vote count? Either the voting machines made an error or someone had tried to rig the election. An investigation determined it was not due to machine failure because only the totals for the presidential race were affected.

David Cobb, Green party candidate for president 2004, speaking about the 3% sample of Ohio's recount, said: "The recount is nothing but a charade. It's a complete and utter waste of time. It's a bit of theater, if you will, and it was done, in my opinion, to insure that there was never an actual recount conducted. But more importantly, to insure that there was never an investigation into the underlying allegations of voter suppression and election fraud that took place."

Over 90% of the American vote is counted by voting machines. The software in these voting machines is a trade secret and it is against the law to look inside the software (even for the election officials). If the software malfunctions or is tampered with, officials may hold office they are not elected to. It does not matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican or member of another party, it affects us all.

The problem is you can't see a computer adding up the votes. So how do you know votes were added properly? Are political committee's able to buy votes from the voting machine companies? See confirmation of a 2003 fund raising letter from Wally O'Dell, CEO of Diebold (one of the voting machine companies), promising to deliver Ohio's electoral votes to George Bush in 2004.

Can voting machines and companies be trusted with counting the vote? Paper ballots are the only REAL alternative.(see below)

To Watch the video HACKING DEMOCRACY Click Here (About 1 Hr 20 Min)

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Steps to Action
Here are some concrete steps you can take to do your part, WHILE you continue to educate yourself.


FIRST WATCH THESE FOUR VIDEOS CLICK HERE, CLICK HERE, CLICK HERE and HERE THEN READ THIS And then continue below (NOTE: if you want to check out the link, from the video above, provided for the Oct 9th 2007 CNBC poll after the presidential debate showing Ron Paul carrying 75% of the vote; the address provided, per Email, to Jim Condit Jr was Good luck pulling it up though, as the page has been removed, you will get a "not found" message. Why? Are they not able to handle the truth? Or are they trying to prevent you from learning the truth?)

1. Spread this message NOW to EVERYONE. Especially get it to people who live in or near New Hampshire or Iowa. This cannot wait until tomorrow - Start TODAY - critical primary elections start in just weeks and we must get the word out so people can learn a little bit AHEAD of time. Multiply our combined efforts. There are MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of Americans who feel like you and I. Many may not know specifically WHAT THEY CAN DO. The Neo-Cons and New World Order crowd (same group) have been trying to "dumb down" Americans for a long time. You can help, direct them through email, blogs, website links etc. to these links:

(Copy and Paste) (See also his Networking Links on Homepage)

2. Register to vote in your state's primary or caucuses. Contact your county elections office for details in your area. Check for deadlines.

3. Run for THE MOST POWERFUL OFFICE in the nation, (no NOT the Presidency). America needs a people from YOUR AREA to get involved with this and its easier than you think. CLICK HERE and HERE to learn more.

4. If you (or someone you know) live(s) in or near New Hampshire or Iowa sign up to and become a poll watcher for the primary to make sure the vote is accurately counted. See the videos and web page under "Steps to Action" (just above) to learn more. Then Click Here to go to the sign-up page.

5. **Learn about the National Clean Elections Lawsuit.** The procedures for voting outlined in it make TOTAL SENSE and would cost very little to operate (you will be surprised how low). Click Here (be sure to read the lawsuit-click the first link for the PDF file) Also Click Here (look for section 6 about 1/3 the way down the page) and Click Here

6. Contact your state coordinator for Ron Paul and volunteer some time to be part of the phone matrix or pass out literature, organize a group with your neighbors, co-workers etc. Its a ton of FUN when you realize you are helping to change history. Of course, you are likely to make some new friends as well. See or for contact information

7. Donate money to Ron Paul. See also the Radio/TV Ads idea from

8. Don't believe the big media companies or their polls. They use tactics such as censorship, and if they can't censor, then they smear- look for alternative news sources that are not under their control. When ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, Clear Channel Radio, Associated Press, Voter News Service, the major daily newspapers, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity etc start talking, learn to "read between the lines."

9. Vote in the primary/caucus and general election

10. Take the Constitution Class (learn the huge difference between a REPUBLIC and a DEMOCRACY and more) Click Here to learn more.

11. Send a BIG thank you note to Jim Condit Jr., currently running for U.S. Congress from OHIO, who has laid a lot of the groundwork for us over many years. (Visit his website Click Here. Consider donating/volunteering with him - we need people like him in Congress - ALSO Visit Jim's You Tube Channel CLICK HERE) Address your letter of thanks to:
Attn: Thank You Jim
Jim Condit Jr for Congress 2008
PO Box 11555
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

12. ***UPDATE 12/17/2007*** EMERGENCY - THIS VIDEO Must Spread like wildfire IMMEDIATELY (EMAIL, BLOG, LINK to it, etc.)

These are just a few of the specific things you could do.

Another video to see is Will Your Vote Count? Election Integrity!

Host Stuart Thomas and guests John Brakey, Jim March and Ted Downing. They discuss how easy it is to hack into the touch screen voting machines (similar to "Hacking Democracy"). They offer a solution to remedy the problem with open source software and a physical paper trail with the paper trail published on the internet (the publishing should be done). A better solution is to count the vote by hand in full public view from the actual ballot, allowing ANYONE to videotape the procedure. The physical pieces of paper could then be scanned and published on the internet. Then, and only then, they could be run through a counting machine, if they want to verify the hand count (as long as the physical paper ballots never leave the site of the public at the precinct level until the election is certified and published by the local authorities). We can wait a little while for the vote to be hand counted-we'll know it was done right and in the open (See point 5 above in the Steps to Action) .

The video ends with a different subject and is worth noting. Ted Downing presents an excellent idea on REDISTRICTING (starting at 51 Min), a plan that would put redistricting into the hands of the people, where it belongs.

To watch Will Your Vote Count? Election Integrity! Click Here About 1 Hr

We've heard politics is a dirty game, its time for a clean game. Lets kick those who remain dirty, off the playing field. This is OUR game America, lets take the field!!!


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