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Earthquake Resurrection

Earthquake Resurrection

The two greatest events that will EVER affect mankind are the Rapture and Tribulation. How do they tie together?

This is a POSSIBLE perspective you may not have considered before. You will want to take notes on this one!

There will be NO TIME to prepare for the rapture as it is occurring. An individual must be ready ahead of time. If you know someone who thinks that the rapture will be a final "wake-up call" for people to be given a second chance to accept Christ, you should let them know that they may not get that chance.

How is it possible that people, who will miss the rapture, remain, unrepenting during the tribulation? It seems natural that the whole world would would turn to Christ in this time (if they knew that the Bible predicted this event and they all had just lived through it) but it is not the case.

Will they just not see the rapture for what it really is, and be deceived? Is it possible that the evidence of the rapture could remain hidden in plain sight? (Listen for the Asian Tsunami illustration and also consider the earthquake possibility)

A comparison is made between Jesus' description of the end times in Matthew 24 and John's vision In Revelation (particularly Rev. 4:1-7:9) Although no man knows for sure when the rapture will take place, This may be a possible clue as to it's timing.

Presented by Rev. John Stocker and based on the book Earthquake Resurrection by David W. Lowe.

To watch the video on "Earthquake Resurrection" CLICK HERE
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This is a SUPPORTING video as it provides a possible perspective on the rapture with some in-depth reasoning. This is worth some study.


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Anonymous said...

Both of David Lowe's two books are the best I've ever read. If you are a bible prophecy student, it should be required reading. This guy has discovered the Rosetta Stone of bible prophecy